Senior Council “Haunted Hunt” Possibly Returning for Christmas

Following the success of K2’s first haunted hunt event, Senior Council intends on hosting a similar event to celebrate the holiday season. 

Summit K2’s haunted hunt event immersed participants in a Halloween-themed search-and-find game which challenged players to find and collect a list of items within the dark, spookily-decorated building. Teams of up to four ran throughout school grounds while being “hunted” by “killers” who would chase and scare them in attempts to prevent them from reaching their goal. 

Last year, the idea of hosting a haunted hunt event was booming throughout student government. Hopes were high on the day of the event. However, it ended up being canceled last minute because of an unfortunate medical emergency which occurred during the basketball game beforehand. 

Nevertheless, this year, the Haunted Hunt made its return, this time being held by the senior council. Their president, Tosh De Guzman noted the event as “successful” because they “filled all the time slots…[They] made as much money as [they] wanted to.” 

In addition to K2 Dragons, the event drew a handful of students from other schools to visit and take part in the game. There was even a teacher participant who seemed to enjoy her time. 

Senior Council Vice President Kevin V has always been the top visionary for the Haunted Hunt. He, along with another current senior named Nayila H, thought of the idea last year and, even after the roadblock, was determined to bring it to our campus. Now that it came to fruition, Kevin does not want the legacy to end, hoping to keep the event running during future years after he graduates. 

When asked about how he envisioned this legacy, he said, “I want them to carry on that idea…Hopefully [it] sparks other ideas that could carry on in the future.” 

Furthermore, President Tosh says they, “learned a lot about how it works…and hit all of their goals…”

Although the Senior Council fully intends on hosting a holiday haunted hunt, which, according to Kevin, would be “Basically like the Halloween hunt but Christmas,” they have yet to begin working on it. Nevertheless, Kevin reassures us that he “knows everything he needs to work on.” 

(Cover Photo Credit: Jerrica Espanol)

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