New Yondr Policy Goes Into Effect After Returning From February Break

Student Body President, Tosh, has come to a compromise with the Summit K2 High School Administration to form a new Yondr policy to allow students to use their phones at lunch. This new policy was implemented on Monday, February 27th, after a petition created by Tosh that got over 200 signatures from students and teachers. 

Yondr pouches are pouches that students put their devices in, to limit their use during class. 

Tosh said the new policy states that students are, “Allowed to un-pouch our phones at the start of lunch… and then at the start of block 4 you’re expected to re-pouch your phones.” 

He added how this policy can be retracted, “There’s two ways this policy can get removed, five refusals [and] there’s the teachers re-evaluating.” Additionally he says “in one month from now, March 27th, the teachers are going to re-evaluate this policy.” 

“As far as I know… there’s been no official refusals, however there has been some difficulties where teachers… have to call an admin, but once an admin comes in, students always pouch their phones.” Tosh shares in regards to refusals. 

Dean of Culture and Instruction, Roberto Hernandez, shared how long he thinks the policy will last. “To be quite honest with you,… it’s not going very well,… but, unless something changes and everyone feels super motivated to not have phones out… I don’t necessarily know if it’s gonna last.” 

“It seems like that was a step in the right direction but then I think with what’s been happening recently I’m wondering if maybe it was too soon. Or maybe we can start thinking of other ways we can support [students], and make sure that we’re re-pouching when we come back” Hernandez added. 

Students and staff also gave their thoughts and opinions on how they felt about the new policy. Natiana O. a ninth grader at Summit K2,  said, “It’s better than what we had before but I think we should remove Yondrs but have limited time during the school period where it should be put away, but then there should be times like during class breaks we should be allowed [to have phones out]” 

Some students believe that this policy may not be effective though. Ninth grader Armando R. shared, “It’s cool but sometimes I do forget to put it in my Yondr pouch.” as well as, “If anything it makes me wanna use my phone more.” 

In an interview with The Independent Dragon, the AP Government teacher, Miguel Gravelle, said, “I think it’s healthy to loosen the restrictions ‘cause I think it gives students an opportunity to demonstrate responsibility.” 

“I loved seeing the largest petition signatures that I’ve ever seen at K2, I thought it was great to see students involved in saying what they want school to look like, and I’m curious to see what the data shows about… the difference with this new policy compared to the old one” said the AP Literature Teacher, Kai Eckenrode. 

(Cover Photo Credit: Selena Mercado)

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