About The Dragon

Who we are

The Independent Dragon is Summit Public Schools: K2’s Official School Newspaper. We are independently lead and run completely by students. But we are more than just a school paper. The Independent Dragon is the focal point between the Summit K2 community and the El Cerrito community.

Our mission

The Independent Dragon is a weekly digital school and community newspaper strives to provide realistic, relevant, and reliable, information through quality journalism to students, staff, and community members. We are committed to distributing information through promoting student voices, bettering students writing, and setting students up for success in life after high school. We aim to be the focal point between the Summit K2 student body, the Summit K2 administration, and the El Cerrito community.

Our Founding

We were founded in 2021, during the height of virtual learning. The idea of a school newspaper had been around for a few years prior, but never got past gauging interest. We launched theindependentdragon.com website at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year and started regularly publishing the same year.

At the beginning of 2022, Summit K2 added a Journalism class at the request of our Editor-in-Chief, James Tyler. Also in 2022, we added more ways to read The Independent Dragon, including new Facebook and Twitter pages, and a mailing list.

Everyone here at The Independent Dragon is exited for what the future holds for us!