Summit K2 High School Welcomes A New Boys Volleyball Coach

William O’Farrill Colon, a Spanish teacher at Summit K2 high school, was hired to co-coach boys volleyball alongside John Burdeos, last year’s boys volleyball coach, this 2023 season because of his experience with the sport. 

O’Farrill was hired to teach Spanish 1 earlier this school year, and told us that he had played volleyball for quite a while. “At least 15 years on and off… I started when I was in middle school… and then in high school.” Burdeos instructed boys volleyball last year, who made it to the playoffs. He also coached both JV and Varsity Girls Volleyball earlier this school year. 

“I’ve coached track and field… in my early 20’s, it was one of my first jobs. I coached a high school track boys club… and that was the first sport that I coached. And then I coached the volleyball team at that school…“ He said while talking about his previous experience with coaching. 

Furthermore, O’Farrill shares his hopes for this season with us. “I would like to win, I mean… I’m just looking forward for them to… really improve what they already know, [and] what they understand about the game…[as well as] pass on the playoffs and perhaps go into championship…” 

Our Athletic Director Keith Seales, talked to us about what changes he is most looking forward to with a new coach. “Mr. O’Farrill… actually played professionally [so] he knows a little bit more about the game itself, and I think he will bring a greater level of playing… and understanding the game thoroughly.”

Seales also spoke a little bit on the team captains and his hopes for this year. “I’m looking forward to this season, as you know James and Tyler are the boys captains,… and it’s actually their team, so they’re going to participate in… helping Mr. O’Farrill, pick out kids who can support them on their season.. [which] we’re looking forward to go all the way this year.”

He then mentions his goals for this volleyball season. “Boys went to playoffs,… [but] we’re just trying to move farther… to state championship. So that’s what we’re looking forward to this season, time to go state.” 

Tyler B., a 12th grader at Summit K2 and one of the boys volleyball captains, says that this season he is most looking forward to better teamwork.  He expressed to us that he felt like last year was mainly based around the sport itself and did not include much team bonding, however he feels as though this year will be different because of O’Farrill. 

Within the same interview Tyler had also shared his goals, “Try to get to playoffs, take us all the way, take that golden medal and bring it back home [to] K2.”

(Cover Photo Credit: James Tyler)

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