Welcome to the Independent Dragon’s careers page! If you have any questions about the roles listed below, email us at [email protected]. If applying, we will respond to your application within 1 academic week. Thanks!

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As a Journalist, you can write articles on numerous topics including current events, school news, and entertainment.

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Photography plays an essential role in the paper by catching the reader’s eye. Capture stunning photos for ID with school provided cameras!

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Pictures and drawings bring a story to life. While our journalists write the words, it is up to you to bring our black-and-white pages to life!

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Marketing Specialist

While it is great to have a quality publication, it is nothing without readers. It’s marketing’s role to entice readers to read our articles.

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Opinion Writer

[This is an ID Opinion role] Everyone has opinions. Make your opinions heard and become a resident opinion writer!

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Videographer & Video Editor

[This is an ID Sports role] Publicize the best moments of our sports program. You can be the one to capture the winning shot.

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Application required for this position. Become the head of a department. Provide structure and approve articles, among many other tasks!