Summit K2 Launches Design Contest For New Dragon Mascot

Summit K2 High School is enlisting the help of students to create a mascot for new K2 merchandise to raise funds for the school. Students have until Friday, January 27, to submit their designs via email to [email protected].

[Full cover illustration: click here]

Students can vote starting Monday, January 23 for their favorite design. The winner will be rewarded with a free hoodie with their winning design, said Principal Megan Lee in all-grade announcements.

Similarly to the whole school contest there will also be a seniors-only Design contest. The design that is created by the seniors will be put onto hoodies that are exclusively given to them as a gift from the school.These will also have to be submitted by the 20th. 

This contest has proven popular with the students at K2, “It’s good that this contest gives kids an opportunity to partake in school activities and build community,” said Senior Syd A. 

Eleventh grader Leonardo C. agreed with her saying,”I think it’s gonna be pretty raw, you know seeing everybody compete and stuff, I think it’s going to be pretty cool.” 

Submission emails must include, “the first & last names and grades of all designers, the title of the artwork, and the artwork attached in PDF, PNG, or JPEG.” said an email sent from Principal Lee regarding how to submit your piece. 

In terms of copyright, Lee sent an email to be sure to keep in mind these designs have to be original. Copyright protects the artwork of others, so plagiarized work is not permitted and the design will not be considered. All designs have to be approved by the admin before the pieces can be voted on by the students.

(Illustration Credit: Iris Wiley Sittler)