President Tosh Making Progress on His Campaign Promises

Tosh de Guzman, student body president at Summit K2 High School, is working towards fulfilling his campaign promises following the election including eliminating Yondr Pouches. We interviewed President Tosh to see what inspired him and how far the changes he has been pushing for have come.

He promised to eliminate Yondr, which was part of his campaign slogan “A vote for Tosh is a vote against Yondr.” 

Yondr Pouches are pouches for your phone, Bluetooth headphones, and smartwatches to prevent student use throughout the day, while not separating the device from its user. 

He is pushing for the elimination of Yondr during lunch time in hopes it will show admin students can be trusted and they do not need Yondr. He has formed a petition that has already gathered over 200 signatures from the student body and all the teachers have signed.

President Tosh has also made progress on hosting more events. .“… [One] of my other big plans was to… plan out the snowball.” said President Tosh. “It was successful beyond how people thought it was going to turn out. [We hope to have] the snowball serve as an example of what Student Government can do. Because let’s just be honest…, the student government hasn’t really planned out a successful dance.”

Tosh was elected by the Summit K2 student body as Student Government President earlier this school year. He is currently an 11th grader at Summit K2, and has been attending Summit since 7th grade. In his time at K2, he has seen a lot of things around campus that he would like to change. 

“I’ve always been interested in government… [but] the actual moment that inspired me was talking with former president Gianna… She told me about a lot of things that student government was doing and I had a lot of ideas about how it could be done.”

(Cover Photo Credit: Paola Magana)