O’Farrill Steps Down After Only Two Weeks As New Boys Volleyball Coach

Former boys volleyball coach, William O’Farrill Colon, has decided to step down due to poor salary. O’Farrill had been hired by our Athletic Director Keith Seales Sr, but only 2 days after we published his announcement, he decided not to take the job. 

“The main reason was because it wasn’t clear to me that the stipend was gonna be a certain amount for the entire season. And, I initially thought that that stipend … was gonna be monthly. It was actually for the whole season,” he said. A stipend is a type of payment. 

O’Farrill then compared the salaries of this and his previous job. “What was offered to me for the volleyball season … I was making twice [as much] at my previous coaching position.” 

He mentioned how the team reacted when he broke the news to them. “They were pretty supportive, and one of them was asking actually a lot of questions of how much were they paying.” 

O’Farrill also addresses his concern with the Summit sports teams. “It’s really sad that I’m not gonna be able to coach the team, but I think it’s because Summit has to show more support when it comes to sports.” 

We reached out to Seales to get his input on the situation, however he did not want to speak on it. 

Tyler B., one of the team captains, shared his feelings on the topic, saying he was “Kinda hurt, not gonna lie, ’cause we wanted [Mr. O’Farrill], and then he just stepped down and it kinda hurt us as a team.” 

Additionally, he said how he thinks this no longer has any effects on the team. “At first, it was like, oh wow, shocked that our coach really quit on us.” He then added, “I don’t think anyone really cares anymore.” 

(Cover Photo Credit: Selena Mercado)