Student’s Backlash Over Yondr Pouches Is Muted

Yondr Pouches have already built up a tough reputation at Summit K2. The so-called “pouches” are Summit K2’s most recent attempt to keep students off of their cellular devices. Students are required to “pouch” and lock their phones, smartwatches, and bluetooth earbuds throughout the entire school day. 

Surprising to many, some students don’t mind the change. “I don’t have a really strong opinion on it, I think it’s going to force students to … socialize with each other and communicate a little bit more.” Nayila H., a Junior at Summit K2, said in an interview. 

Summit K2 Senior Events Council Vice President Katia V vocalized frustration with the implementation of Yondr Pouches particularly with regards to student safety. “I definitely do have concerns, safety concerns because our school is a very small school and … we don’t have [an intercom system] so, I feel the only form of communication among admin and teachers is G Chat and I feel that there is a huge safety concern.” 

”The goal is to have students really engage with the K2 community and lessen their anecdotal screen time.” Principal Lee said to The Independent Dragon. She backed up her claim by quoting Yondr’s promotional material: “Yondr … shows that 65% of their students improve in their academics which, not for all, but [for] many students is needed.” 

Lee also said that she hopes that these pouches help improve school culture. “I know that sometimes students disengage from class, and our goal is for them to not only reengage in class, but if [they are] going to disengage [from class], at least engage with the person next to you.” Lee said in a presentation to new students’ families.

Similar to chromebooks, students are able to decorate their pouches, get a temporary one if theirs gets lost, and don’t have to pay for accidental damage.

This 2-year pilot program is being funded by a “use it or lose it” fund meaning K2 can’t use these funds for anything other than this specific use. 

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