Why doesn’t our school have more sports?

With school finally getting into rhythm, fall sports, including Girls Volleyball and Boys Soccer are wrapping up their seasons and winter sports are starting up. The Cheerleading, and Basketball Teams are planned to start next week. These four teams have been, and continue to be, very popular among students.

There are more sports on their way including Girls Lacrosse, Girls Soccer and a Boys Volleyball Team. It’s not easy to start a school sports team. “We don’t have enough girls to join the Soccer Team that is why the season hasn’t started yet,” says Melissa Muñoz Muñoz. Meliza is a Junior at K2 and is organizing the Girls Soccer Team.

Many students are interested in a Football Team. Football is a big industry when it comes to sports. Sadly, we cannot have Football at this school due to being a small school. Being a small school has its benefits but that also means we do not have a field. Not having our own field makes outdoor sports difficult, because we have to use some other school’s field and not our own.

“I think that we should make a sharing relationship with El Cerrito High, so that we can use their Football, Soccer, and Track and Field spaces.” This is Mr. Gravelle Izaguirre, the Modern World History I Teacher’s statement. “I think we should try to make the school bigger for us to have more space to do more things that could help us especially with the sports,” says Darling Martinez, a freshman at K2.

(editors note: The current high school campus is only able to handle 400 students in accordance with the Summit K2 contract with the City of El Cerrito. In the past when the topic of football is brought up, concerns over concussions and other related head injures are brought up with it. Head injuries cause student athletes to miss weeks of class which could academically hurt them. Summit, as a college prep organization, is more inclined to protect class time than add a new sport. New sports are on their way though, with a new Boys Volleyball team coming this spring!)