The First Ever Boys Volleyball Team Coming to K2

Although Girls Volleyball has ended, Volleyball’s year at K2 isn’t over yet. Unlike Girls Volleyball, Boys Volleyball k2plays their Season in spring, which means Boys Volleyball is around the corner. The games are planned to start next month. 

“I’m excited for the Boys Volleyball season to start because I believe they have a good team lineup and I also believe they’re gonna show great skills on the court which will be fun to watch.” These are some words that Azya had to say about how excited she is about the Volleyball Boys Team. Azya is an 10th grader who was on the Girls Volleyball team this year and is also in the Art Club.

Tyler Beans, a Junior at K2, is the student behind the effort. He acted as the Assistant Coach for the girls Volleyball team earlier this year. Tyler is such a role model for this school. In addition he is also helping the cheerleading team on their dance moves which is pretty  cool. He always gives his best to help other people. 

 “I think it’s pretty cool how out school made a boys Volleyball team because we’re a small charter school, and I think it can give many great opportunities to other people in the as the years go on.” This is what Seth, a 12th grader attending K2, had to say about the Boys Volleyball Team.

This is especially exiting because there is a whole line of boys wanting to play Volleyball who show lots of talent.

A Summit K2 Varsity Boys Volleyball Tryouts Flier in the U7-U9 Hallway.

(editors note: Tryouts are scheduled for Friday December 10th and Saturday December 18th. If your’re interested in joining, email Coach Keith, the K2 Athletics Director This is especially exiting since a boys volleyball team has been in the works for a while at K2 and its the first boys volleyball team in the Summit Network)

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